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SCHOOL CONNECTION IN MAINE:  Some elementary students took a challenge from their teacher to find good sites for Social Studies and Science.  One particular student suggested our class website as a good resource! :)  How exciting---to think that students in Maine are viewing www.superbecerra.com! The teacher emailed me with this exciting news yesterday.  As a bonus, the student suggested two good sites to link to this page.  THANK YOU for the suggestions!

Who Invented the Automobile?


Endangered Marine Life



Invention Learning Center    (Another teacher in another part of the country found our website on line.  Her students have been enjoying many of the links on our site.  As a "thank you," they shared this link with us!)

Thank you to Ms. Hayes and her students for sharing this link! :)  What an AWESOME way to

share knowledge and resources!  This site will be particularly useful for our IB unit, Where We are in Place & Time.


Websites and videos about Anne Frank & World War II


Time for Kids

National Geographic


Interactive Social Studies Learning

President for a Day

Where Is That?


National Wildlife Federation

How Stuff Works?

Space Jokes 1

Space Jokes 2

Space Jokes 3


Moon Cycles

Moon Cycles 2

Food Pyramid