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     How We Organize Ourselves




Some individuals within organizations desire and seek out leadership.




  • Roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Different systems of organizations
  • Relationships among people within the organization



  • Open-minded
  • Refelctive




Boulevard County Covention

November 29, 2016


The four 3rd grade classes came together to share their local community facts, patriotism, and functions.








Veterans Day Cards

November 29, 2016

The week of Veterans day we discussed how some citizens choose to help protect and serve communities by joining the armed forces. This is a form of leadership. In honor of Veterans Day, each student wrote a card to a veteran connected to students in our class. Six veterans were represented – one from Egypt! Every country has citizens who serve their country! Cards were written to: Quinn’s grandpa, Jack’s grandpa and uncle, Paul’s grandpa, Matteo’s grandpa, and Farrah’s great grandpa. Thank you for serving! On 11/29, we received a letter and some photos from Jack's uncle. We are all super excited read the letter and to see the pictures, especially the photo from the Vietnam War in 1967! It was also fun to see a current photo of Jack's uncle and grandpa!



Choice Menu Projects & Presentations

End of November 2016

Students who completed an item off of the Choice Menu reflected over the project with Mrs. Goulden. Students shared the projects with classmates.






Local Government Project: Becerraville



Have you heard about our classroom’s local community?  That’s right—we have a local community!  Using knowledge gained from IB lessons, we are creating a community.  Students are applying thoughts, ideas, and new-gained local government knowledge to develop Becerraville!



Symbol Group


Public Relations


City Map Group


Services Department



Recreation Department


City Council



Election Discussion

Wednesday, 11/9/16

It was quite emotional all day at school. While we haven't talked much about the election at school, butI know the kids talk about it.  This election was unlike any other, and I must say that I was, and am, amazed at the level of interest and passion students have expressed. I expected to see some upset faces this morning, and I most certainly did, more than expected. I was also prepared for questions about the popular vote vs. the electoral vote. We had a great conversation first thing this morning about our democracy, about how the constitution set it up, how voting is a right and privilege (as is free speech), and a tiny bit about what made this election so unique. I would say half of the class knew about popular vote vs. the electoral vote -- and when I say "know about," I mean "heard about." It's a hard concept to understand, let alone explain. I did some digging and found out it's taught more concretely in 5th grade. At any rate, I shared the 2 links below and we had a very deep conversation about what I explained above. The BIGGEST focus was on being nice to others, no matter their beliefs. We talked about being open-minded and living in a country where you can have your own opinions. We did NOT discuss each candidate's policy ideas. I did mention the checks and balances situation and I was impressed with the amount of government vocabulary the students were using. We also discussed how most of the Hts. area is democratic, but that does NOT mean that the entire area is, and that's ok. It's hard for their eyes to see certain signs all around neighborhoods and understand that isn't the entire country's view point. I felt like a government/civics teacher! I could see the kids' faces calm down as our discussion wrapped up and we moved into math.There are different opinions of the outcome in our classroom, and I feel strongly that nobody should be mean to others for different view points (especially in 3rd grade where politics shouldn't be a huge talking point).  It honestly was the highlight of my day because the students were thinking so deeply and really trying to be open minded.  I just wanted to share the links and overview of our conversation. I imagine that some students talked about it this evening at home. (video)  (electoral/popular)

Everyone seemed really tired and a bit wired all day. At the end of the day we reflected and "chalked it up" to a tiring and emotional night/day, no matter your opinion. 



Shaker Heights Web Quest

Tuesday, 11/1/16


Students worked together to inquire into our local government's website. Students searched for facts about the City Council, the recreation department, the mayor, special events, Shaker's map, and more. This information, along with our Concept Map, will be applied to create our own local government. Stay tuned for more details about the name of our community.







Kid Leader Presentations

Week of 10/24/16


Groups presented their kid leaders to the class this week.






Councilman Malone

Wednesday, 10/26/16


Quinn's day, who happens to be a councilman of Shaker Heights, spoke to all of 3rd grade about his job, responsibilities, and the function of the City Council.



Concept Map

Week of 10/10/16 - Current Time




Kid Leaders

Week of 10/10/16





Claudette Colvin

Ryan Hreljac


Alexandra (Alex) Scott


Katie Stagliano

Kelvin Doe


William Kamkwamba


This is a great site for all action-takers, young or old!




Week of 10/3/16

Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs) are created to encourage students to work as a community to answer a vibrant and challenging question by using the Internet. Each IB Transdisciplinary Theme (unit) has/will have 2-3 SOLEs. Today’s SOLE had students inquiring into the following question: What makes a local government? Students discovered facts about the leaders, services, structure (and more) about local government. While the state and federal governments came up in discussions, readings, and presentations, the focus was on local government.








Week of 10/3/16

Our new IB unit started this week.  The first lesson was a provocation to generate excitement and inquiry. I posed a question to the students. What can YOU do to make the world more awesome? Each student recorded his/her answer on a hand cut out. After sharing and discussing the responses, I explained that this unit would involve an inquiry into leadership. I told the class that one person truly inspires me to be a better person and to make the world more awesome. I took ten questions to guide students into my inspiring leader’s identity. Afterwards, I revealed the secret leader (THE KID PRESIDENT!) and we watched some inspiring videos of the leader. Next week, students we will begin to dig deeper into leadership and local communities.



Kid President Videos:

How Good Spreads:

Pep Talk:

How to Disagree:

How to Change the World: